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About Bushido Martial Arts

Bushido is a forward thinking martial arts academy offering instruction of the highest standard in a comprehensive range of martial arts disciplines.

Predominantly a traditional jiu-jitsu school, Bushido also offers traditional Shotokan karate and sport-based freestyle karate classes. Recent additions to the Bushido timetable are light continuous kickboxing and freestyle jiu-jitsu.

Growing from what was once a small self defence class, Bushido has developed a strong base of black belts in a number of styles. This core of senior graded instructors provide support and tuition to newer members, making your learning experience a valuable and enjoyable one.

Under the leadership of Master John Robertson 7th Dan, Bushido is now run by a talented and multi-disciplined team of Black Belt Instructors including the very focused and talented (W.K.C. World Champion).

As Bushido continues to grow ever stronger in competition, two new appointments of Assistant Chief Instructor was made. These two talented and dedicated Senior Black belts now provide massive support to our SHOGUNS TEAM which they now lead as Tournament Directors for Bushido Martial Arts Association. Sensei Leah Ferneyhough 3rd Dan 29 times WKC World Kata Champion and  Sensei Vitesh Solanki 3 Times WKC World Kickboxing champion and WKC World Kata Champion bring a fresh and enthusiastic approach to our tournament program. I am certain they will continue to further enhance the reputation of the SHOGUNS Team and Bushido Martial Arts.

They are joined by Senior Instructor Jacob Haynes 2nd Dan Jiu Jitsu and 10 times WKC World Kata Champion Weapons / Traditional who is now joining forces with Sensei Vitesh to develop the Points Fighting and Kickboxing side of the SHOGUNS.
With three incredibly talented Senior Black Belts there is a vitality in the Club that can only bring greater successes both in and away from the Dojo.

Sensei Marc Knowles 4th Dan Marc has continued to grow and produce incredibly skilled and talented Kickboxers and his success has seen double figure Black Belt success. This has recently seen the opening of a number of New clubs under the WBKBC banner and as numbers grow more clubs will follow.
Marc now holds the position of Association Chief Kickboxing Instructor a post he will excel in as he too enters the next chapter of his developing Kickboxing career.

Sensei Dave Kelly completes the current Instructor Team as our Aikido Instructor. Currently 3rd Dan Black Belt, Dave runs two classes each week teaching Aikido to a group of keen and focused students.

freestyle karate kyu grades As part of Bushido’s commitment to improving sporting links within the community, classes are also held in a number of schools throughout the Stockport area. This initiative began in 2004 and has now seen the first Black Belt students to come solely as a result of the positive partnership with Stockport Sports Development program. This achievement is a glowing testament to the positive attitude of Stockport Education in aiming to give children every opportunity possible to reach their full potential.

Having celebrated its 30th Anniversary Bushido is proud of its long and successful history that has seen many incredible milestones reached. Inside the Dojo Bushido passed the 200 Black Belt milestone of Students trained by Sensei John Robertson. This achievement was further enhanced when Bushido Instructors began producing their own Black Belts who in turn produced their own Black Belts. Having 2nd and 3rd Generation Black Belts is a truly humbling achievement. Off the mat the SHOGUNS TEAM now Sponsored by Stockport Hyundai has seen over 100 World Titles won by this awesome team. This is in addition to countless hundreds of National and European Titles.
With the new promotions of our Senior Instructors the future is one of great promise and we now invite you to join us and become part of that future and continued success.

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