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Sensei Marc Knowles 4th Dan presentation

Whaley Bridge Kickboxing Club

The Mechanics Institute, 17 Market Street,
Whaley Bridge, High Peak, Derbyshire.
SK23 7AA

Having celebrated his first year with his new club Whaley Bridge Kickboxing Club based in the Mechanics Institute, Marc is taking his club forward with remarkable results.

Now a 4th Dan Marc, with support from his wife Jen and daughters Heather and Holly, is firmly on the path to developing a club of real substance and ability. Currently running seperate Junior and Senior classes the foundations are well laid, and this family run club exudes positivity and dedication from the newest beginner to the more established students.

Such is the enthusiasm from Marc that everyone is carried along on a wave of goodwill and sheer enjoyment. Lessons at WBKB are a pure delight and total fun to be involved in. The dedication and commitment of all the students is obvious and fills the hall with a palpable sense of belonging to a club that really puts the students needs first and foremost. Training hard at Whaley Bridge Kickboxing Club

This is a club with a tremendous future and a club that will produce incredible talent as it continues to grow and develop.

Class Times

10am-11am (junior class) Sunday
11.15am-12.15pm (adult class) Sunday


Junior class £4 per 1 hour class
Adult class £5 per 1 hour class.

For more information including prices on membership and gradings, contact Jen or Marc on 07736 227 277 or find Whaley Bridge Kickboxing Club on Facebook®.


Whaley Bridge Kickboxing Club group photo
Club members group photo
Padwork at the Kickboxing Club
Adult kickboxing class
Hitting the pads at WHaley Bridge Kickboxing Club
Kickboxing classes for children, teens and adults