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Sensei Jacob Haynes

Jiu Jitsu & Freestyle Karate English and European Multi Kata Champion

Senior Instructor
Jacob Haynes
2nd Dan Jiu Jitsu WKC 10 times World Champion 2015 -2017
1st Dan Freestyle Karate Traditional, Weapons & Creative Weapons


Sensei Jacob is one of the emerging talents in British and World Martial arts and as he takes on Senior Instructor position his talent will only continue to flourish. A keen Rugby player Jacob brings a formidable strength and power to the SHOGUNS Team that is impressive to say the least. A member of the Weapons side of the Team Jacobs ability with the Katana has seen his confidence grow as he amasses World Titles year after year.

As a Senior Jiu Jitsu Instructor Jacob has a warm and affable nature that makes him an instant hit with Students of all ages who flourish under his mature and understanding Instruction. Keen to promote the fighting arm of the SHOGUNS Jacob has joined forces with Sensei Vitesh himself a WKC World Champion. This partnership of two great friends will certainly bring success….so we wait and see who joins these talented Instructors as Champions of the Future.