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Sensei Jake Clegg

English , British & European Multi Champion 2014
WKC 4 x World Champion 2015
WKC 4 x World Champion 2016
WKC & FSK Multi Champion 2015 / 16

Senior Instructor
Freestyle & Shotokan Karate
Sensei Jake Clegg

3rd Dan : Freestyle Karate
1st Dan : Shotokan Karate

With just short of 100 National Titles under his belt Jake is already an established figure of great skill and ability on both National and International Competition circuits.

Having medalled at the past 5 WKC World Championships Jake is a certainty for multi World Titles. Jake, like his counterpart Leah is a very dedicated and skilled competitor who brings fun and laughter to all he does.

As an Assistant Instructor Jake is looking to bring on the newer members of the Shoguns Kata squad along with Leah and to build a Team that will become a major force for years to come. Jake is one of the most welcoming of the Instructor Team with a smile and a warm interested manner he sets everyone at ease. As he matures he brings a joyful and enthusiastic approach to his instructing that everyone finds so easy to engage with.

In his Assistant Instructor role Jake is fair and open minded allowing students to grow and learn at a steady pace, this is in sharp contrast to the competitive side of Jake. In competition Jake is dedicated and thoroughly focused on the task at hand and this is transmitted to those he teaches for competitive Kata. His approach is both professional and fun with his eye on perfecting everything possible. Currently training towards his 4th Dan he is fast becoming one of the strongest students to emerge from Bushido in the past 10 years and this standing will only grow stronger as he continues to mature and gain experience.

Sensei Jake Clegg large photo