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Sensei Leah Ferneyhough

English, British & European Multi Champion 2014
WKC Double World Kata Champion 2014
WKC 10 x World Champion 2015
WKC 11 x World Champion 2016
WKC & FSK Multi National Champion 2015 / 16
WKC English Kata Team Captain

Senior Instructor
Freestyle & Shotokan Karate
Sensei Leah Ferneyhough

Assistant Chief Instructor and Tournament Director
3rd Dan : Freestyle Karate
1st Dan : Shotokan Karate

With over 100 National Titles gained since 2009 Leah is firmly established as a Champion of considerable ability. With her two World Champion Titles she is set to become a Martial Artist that will be remembered for many many years. Her dedication and Skill is such that she is certainly on a road to far greater achievements than already seen.

As an Assistant Instructor Leah brings a maturity and skill set far beyond her young age and is able to communicate across all levels of student ability and grade.

Leah has a quiet and very affable nature that hides an extremely strong and focused athlete who has set her sights on achieving the highest standards possible.

Her love of Martial Arts is evident in all that she does especially in her connection with the very youngest of bushido Students. Her bubbly and engaging manner have made her a huge hit with students from all grades and ages. The enthusiasm and commitment that Leah exhibits is totally contagious and this alone inspires everyone to be better with each lesson.

Still only 16 years of age, Leah has the potential to become one of the GREAT Martial Artists to emerge in the last 10 years, and with many more titles both National and World her influence is set to be one of the strongest. A great future is in store for this amazing young woman who will inspire both young girls and Women to reach higher and be better.

Sensei Leah Ferneyhough large photo