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Sensei Marc Knowles

Senior Instructor
Sensei Marc Knowles

Association Chief Kickboxing Instructor
1st Dan : Freestyle Karate
4th Dan : Kickboxing
Rieki Master

Sensei Marc Knowles Joined Bushido over 10 years ago and progressed to his First Dan in 2003. Teaching kickboxing Marc established a strong and capable class with Bushido Martial Arts before his career demanded more of his time. At the same time parenthood and promotion lead to Marc establishing workplace based satellite clubs. Marc added his 2nd Dan qualification during this time but work commitments and relocation saw him reduce his classes until recently.

Now running his new club Whaley Bridge Kickboxing Club with his wife Jen and including his two young daughters, Marc is quickly establishing a great family club and I am sure new champions are not far away.

Sensei Marc Knowles large photo