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Sensei Vitesh Solanki

English , British & European Multi Champion 2014
WKC World Champion 2014
WKC 4 x World Champion 2015
WKC 4 x World Champion 2016
WKC & FSK Multi Champion 2015 / 16

Senior Instructor
Freestyle & Kickboxing
Sensei Vitesh Solanki


Assistant Chief Instructor and Tournament Director
3rd Dan : Freestyle Karate

Vitesh is fast becoming a very talented and valued member of the Instructor Team. As Vitesh trains toward attaining his 3rd Dan, he now contributes to the enhancement of the fighting arm of the SHOGUNS Team.

As W.K.C. World Champion he is strong in his training and is looking to add another World Title this year.

In his role as Assistant Instructor, Vitesh brings a stability to the younger students helping in their development from beginner to Black Belt. It is his maturity that is his great strength and everyone training with Vitesh always has a very positive experience.

With his 3rd Dan grade to push towards and the real possibility of more World Titles, Vitesh is well placed to become a great role model for young aspiring Martial Artists.

Sensei Vitesh Solanki large photo